I became Daniel’s student after years of studying voice and performing regularly. I contacted him because I was aware that I’d developed bad habits over those years, resulting in a strained tone and limited range. As a shouting, bellowing preacher for 20 of my younger years, I hadn’t been kind to my voice! What I needed, since I became a Musical Theater and Cabaret singer, was a keen diagnostician and a patient Bel Canto teacher to help me achieve a pure tone. Over the course of five months, my performance has been transformed. It’s the voice that I was looking for.”
— Gary Lizardo
Daniel’s teaching is a wonderful marriage of science and art. Who could ask for anything more?
— Josephine Mongiardo —President of NYSTA
Daniel is the first teacher to break down singing into something tangible. My voice has completely transformed, and I am so grateful to call him my voice teacher.
— Asha Nelson-Williams

About Me

I am a voice teacher, basso-cantante, scholar, blogger and author living in New York City on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near Lincoln Center. I have sung with the New York City Opera and the Metropolitan Opera for more than two decades, have appeared in recital, concert and on Broadway, and practice yoga.

If you can speak, you can sing!
— Manuel García
The thought of greatness is the beginning of greatness.
— Pauline Viardot-García